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Record 495
Name: Janeen Watson
Referred by: looking up Iva on Yahoo and this page came up
From: San Jose, California, USA
Time: 8/28/2017 6:13:23 PM
Comments: It's been great reading through the issues you've put up here to find out why Icehouse seemed to disappear after their massive success in the late 1980s. I was a major fan then but as time went on with no new music (or so I thought) I forgot about them. I'm ashamed to admit it but it's true! I listened to "Measure for Measure" a couple of weeks ago and it was as though I had just discovered them for the first time. I had forgotten the brilliance of the lyrics and music and Iva's fantastic vocals. So glad to see that they are playing concerts again in Australia. I just wish it were possible for me to come down there and go to one. It looks as though you've moved most of the current material to your Facebook page but it's still nice to look through the old stuff.

Record 494
Time: 8/22/2017 6:18:06 AM

Record 493
Name: Rhiannon Smith
From: Melbourne Victoria
Time: 7/17/2017 5:49:53 AM
Comments: Hi when are you doing more concerts at the Palais from your fan Rhiannon :)

Record 492
Name: Donell Morgan
Referred by: Browsing about Icehouse!
From: Torrance CA
Time: 3/3/2016 1:24:19 AM
Comments: I've moved this band since I first played their albums when I worked as Radio DJ in Wyoming. After moving to Los Angeles, I met his manager & received a signed photo of Iva but lost touch with everyone. I wish I had heard of this wonderful site long ago. Always a fan forever! Great job girls! I hope to meet you some day! ~Donell

Record 491
Name: pathoc
Website: http://pathoc.net
Referred by: a fan and its passion (and google)
From: Germania
Time: 1/22/2016 5:46:28 AM
Comments: Hi folx!
Hi Iva!
Hii Teeam :)

I'm Patric, 37, from Black Forest, Germany - moved 2001 Vienna, Austria.
Never got the luck to meet up Icehouse - so I just want to say some words as a passionate listener - and quasi my "theme-related" biography...

First of all - thx here to my father Erich, who was about 30 when he got the "live" influence of your music - the days of "Street Cafe" was a "gala-day" in my memories. Ok - for the sake of fairness - the next record was the single "B.I. Eyes without a face" a.s.o. But my father was the initial, so... :)
I grow up with a huge library of knowledge from 10cc to zztop.
The beginning was Street Café and Hey Little Girl - of course, played thru 80ies and 90ies - more and less. Then about 2006 it started again, when I was 28 (- the interrupt because of moving to Vienna, my father too).
Any day in 2006 my father played a larger list of MP3-songs of different Icehouse albums. Yesterday I picked up this list while programming (aside I'm web-developer) and enjoyed it all the day.
There are enough reasons to write a long letter, because of different times I was listening and emotionally influenced, while listening with a girl-friend and so on.
Your generations of musically work is a multi-coloured, from powerful to velvet, explosively, effectful, fascinating stuff :o)
Thumb up, you're my rolling stone! Fan and fanatic ;)
Yours pathoc

Record 490
Name: Janine
Referred by: Google search
Time: 8/9/2015 10:49:28 PM
Comments: Looking forward to the show at the Palais Melbourne

Record 489
Name: Gilles
Referred by: Google
From: Saumur, France
Time: 4/25/2015 4:24:18 PM
Comments: My words for the best band ever. Thanks for the emotions, Iva you are on my heart for ever.

Record 488
Name: Joanne Hancock
Referred by: web search
From: Whyalla, South Australia
Time: 3/21/2015 1:18:34 AM
Comments: To the fabulous ICEHOUSE band, I have been a fan of yours since you were Flowers, I went to your concert at the Thebarton theater many years ago. My husband just bought me the CD, White Heat, I LOVE IT . I play all your albums constantly, really loud in my car when I am driving, and you would be surprised at all the waves I get from young people, when I park at the shops, the all ask, who is that?? and I tell them, my favorite band, well I must get one they all say. I hope they do.
Thank you for the new one.
All the best from number 1 fan,

Record 487
Name: Tony Pegel
Referred by: browser
From: United States
Time: 1/5/2015 9:24:49 PM
Comments: My 2 favorite bands have always been The Cars and Icehouse. I know I drove my girlfriend in the 80's crazy playing their albums over and over. So I shocked and when bought me tickets to see The Cars in Atlanta on my 26th birthday in 1987.

It was a 5 hours drive to the show and we played The Cars over and over the whole way, interspersed with some of the new Icehouse album, Man of Colour. Being that this was the 80's, we had no idea who the opening band was but as we got in radio range we tuned to the Atlanta rock station to try and find out. And who was being interviewed but IVA DAVIES! I almost drove off the road when I heard Iva's voice and found out Icehouse was opening for the Cars (on my birthday, no less.) The show was incredible and since Icehouse was the opening band I got to go up to the stage and see them up close. Amazing! I have been to maybe 1000 shows in my life and this still ranks up their with the best.

Icehouse and The Cars still dominates my I-pod and my wife just rolls her eyes when I play them yet again. I drove 10 hours to see the Cars when they came back in 2010 but do not have the money to fly to AU and see Icehouse again. But I still find myself searching travel sites for cheap flights and almost buying tickets to shows I know I can't make just because I cannot forget the great show I saw 27 years ago, on the day I turned 26.

Thanks Iva and Icehouse for being a passive participant in my life. Your music has been a huge part of the soundtrack of my life. You've been with me sunning on the beaches of Florida, kayaking the seasides of Maine, hiking the deserts of New Mexico and camping the mountains of Tennessee. You've made all these beautiful places much more enjoyable.

Record 486
Name: Xavier Gouault
Referred by: Via Spellbound/Icehouse Face Book
From: Bendigo, Victoria.
Time: 7/9/2014 7:32:01 AM
Comments: Great fan site. Always will this music live.