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March 4th, 2002:

I've got the new shift knob installed now but the whole assembly is now far too tall. I'll be modifying it to be shorter and still work with the reverse lift mechanism. Here are some preview pictures. Bear in mind that some of the colours are distorted from the pics being taken with a flash in really low light. The roof matches the pillars far better than it appears to here.

February 26th, 2002:

Today I picked up hub adapters for my wheels and a new driver's side window. The one in the replacement door was scratched to hell and bothered me every time I looked at it. Now I've got a brand spankin' new one and installed it myself. Just one more piece in the puzzle to be finished in April.

As a bonus, I found out my insurance will be under $400/mo when I put collision back on it!

February 25th, 2002:

It's been a few weeks now since I've had the tires for my new wheels but I just now got pics of them. Here they are, all ready to be put on the car. The tires are Toyo Proxes FZ4's in 225/40/ZR18. They're W rated so that should be good enough. :) The next j-body dinner meet to be held in Scarborough will be on April 11th and I'm trying my best to have the WM3 there. Also, I just found out that I should have my new MOMO shift knob sometime this week. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal but I've had it on order since October 31st!

January 7th, 2002:

Thanks to the wonderful people at Marvin Starr, on Dec. 27th I got my ram air hood. The hood looks great on the car and will look even better once I paint the mesh in the scoop black as you can see in the first picture which I doctored to show how it will look. I toyed with the idea of painting it white but after much thought I've decided it just doesn't work. The white is reserved for badging and graphics.

Note that, though it's hard to tell with the mesh painted red, the hood IS fully functional and not just a fake scoop slapped on the top.

I'll also add that there's quite a few small things that have been done to the car while it's been stored. When I bring 'er out in the spring, I'll get new pictures of everything that's been done. I'm really excited about this big "unveiling" as I'll have the new wheels and suspension to show as well as some new interior work.

Just doesn't seem like the WM3 without the deflector on the front... I'll certainly get used to it though!!

November 22nd, 2001:

Just thought I'd mention that there's a picture of the back of my head in the January 2002 issue of Sport Compact Car. It's on page 88 right near the fold in the middle. And that's my chair I'm sitting on.

October 25th, 2001:

I just came across this pic of a Sunfire that will be debuted at the upcoming SEMA show. I believe it is an indication of what the 2003 Sunfire is going to look like. I can only pray they produce this and I can fit all the body work to my car. This thing is gorgeous!!! Just picture it in red with the skirts painted white...

October 22nd, 2001:

I finally got my wheels today so there's no more worries where those are concerned. I've got a few issues with the shipping charges but I'm sure that'll all be worked out. It's just UPS scamming the customer as per usual.

September 27th, 2001:

The car is now stored for the winter with plenty of new mods coming in the spring. In the meantime, I just got my hands on the November issue of Performance Auto & Sound and it's got a page devoted to the JCO Bash from last June. There's a really nice pic of the WM3 there so I thought I'd share it with everyone. Interestingly, after scanning the article I also noticed that throughout the entire mag it has September 2001 on the bottom of every page. :)

August 19th, 2001:

Here's a quick Photoshop idea of what the WM3 is going to look like with the new wheels on it.

August 18th, 2001:

Last weekend was the International J-Body Bash (JBASH01) in Lordstown, Ohio. The T.O. Boyz headed down with a convoy of 6 cars and had a BLAST all weekend! It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to do it again next year. Due to some residual damage on my door (I think) I didn't place in the show but I DID win a new set of Motegi wheels! I should have them in a few weeks and I'll post pics when they come. Of course, they won't be on the car until next season when I can afford to put rubber on them.
Special thanks to Jason Hanysh for putting the wheels back up for raffle after having originally won them for himself. Good show, bro!!

July 20th, 2001:

This has been a bad month for the car. It started off with a somewhat bad crash which has since been mostly taken care of. Then my new insurance rates kicked in which were just too high to be affordable. The car is currently being stored without collision/liability insurance until the International J-Body Bash which is coming up fast. I'll be insuring it specifically for the bash and then it will go back into storage. Here's some pictures of the damage from the crash.

June 2nd, 2001:

This past weekend was the J-Body Club Ontario Annual Bash and the WM3 did quite well. With a lot of effort and a lot of help from Michelle, we took home 3 trophies. All in the 3rd Generation category I won for Best of Class: Stock Class, Best Stock Paint and Best Stock Engine.

May 20th, 2001:

Today Michelle and I gave the WM3 a proper waxing in preparation for the show in two weeks. I also installed the new billet door sills. Here's some pics of the results. Hopefully these can reclaim the unofficial title of the shiniest car on j-body.org for the WM3.

April 22nd, 2001:

This past Thursday I had the mirrors painted. It's a small mod, but one that looks really nice. Probably not noticed by anyone that doesn't drive a j-body but I really like it. :)

April 2nd, 2001: I just finished up with dying the floor mats from the WM2. They'll be used for shows and events only as it was a lot of work getting them looking so good and I'd hate to have to wash them for every show. I've got my WeatherTech mats for the winter and the stock mats for the summer so I guess I'm pretty much set when it comes to floor coverings. :)

March 26th, 2001: For the past 3 days, the WM3 has been on display at the MacLaren Momentum General Motors Parade of Vehicles in Markham, Ontario. She was looking her best ever and is sporting the new clear turn signals and light covers as well as completely replaced bulbs on the front end. On the drive home last night, I got the confirmation from Nigma that the PIAA's are indeed much brighter than the stock lamps so my money wasn't wasted. :) Here's some pics from the show. The lady in pink is the president and general manager of GM Canada, Maureen Kempston Darkes. Overall, the show was an interesting experience and at the end of it all, I got to drive the new Z24 sedan, the Corvette Z06, the Cadillac DeVille with night vision and a few other vehicles. Definitely a worthwhile experience. :)

The first mods have already been done and hopefully it will only get better from here. Here's a first look at what looks to be another beautiful Sunfire. :)

The heated leather seats feel WONDERFUL in the cold.

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